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If you haven’t already shaved off your beard in an effort to clean yourself up for Thanksgiving, then don’t.   November is National Beard Month and it’s almost over.  I suggest we extend National Beard Month into December, for Santa’s sake.

Therefore, In honor of National Beard Month behold sketches of three men and a beard.

The Dreaded Pirate Spaghetti Beard

The Dreaded Pirate Spaghetti Beard

Wood Beard

Wood Beard

Berrett and Beard

Berrett and Beard

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a sneak peek at the Christmas cards I will be making and mailing to the family (add red border and nice font).

Inspired by Mrs. Rita Davis who,

amongst her pie baking talents,

is a beautiful & charming hostess extraordinaire,

a queen of quilt mastery,

a bargain bounty hunter,

a former hippie and current Democrat,

and most importantly,

she is a role model, friend and grandma-in-law to me.

She has a heart the size of the biggest thing you could ever imagine and she is right there with you, eye-to-eye, in a conversation.

I just love her! Hugs across the internet!

Grandma Rita knows how to bake a pie.

All I want for Christmas is a slice of RIta's pie.

Last year on Thanksgiving,

Sophie (picture below) and I

dressed up in Rita’s well-preserved prom dress and wedding dress.

We threw bouquets

while drinking wine and watching old family wedding videos.

We had so much fun.

I adore Sophie!

That is me pitching the bouquet while holding a glass of wine!

That is me pitching the bouquet while holding a glass of wine!

Sophie and I at the real deal.

Back to back with Sophie.

Back to back with Sophie.

Reminds me of Persona

Reminds me of Persona...by Bergman

Happy digestion and drink ginger tea if you need a little help.

Last but never least, I am thankful for my truest love Jacob Davis.

He's my daydream believer!

To my daydream believer.

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Safe Travels

Walking home from Four Barrels Coffee, I saw a man riding his bike looking very dapper.  But it was the mini flag of France flying from his handlebars that caught my attention.  The series of sketches below are inspired by the patriotic French man wearing shades and a sharp suit.

On your way to receive the bird (turkey not middle finger) please travel safely!


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I’ve read a few blogs lately discussing seasonal sadness disorder and the winter blues.  I just want to let you know that you can still be hot when its cold.

Here are some reasons why I enjoy the darker months of the year…

Red wine tastes better.

The sound of the cello is an excellent compliment to the hazy chill of winter.

Your bed becomes a warm blanket cave.

The fashion isn’t so cheeky.

Everyone is baking.

I don’t have to shave my legs.


Candlelight makes life enchanting.

Hot coffee, hot tea, hot cocoa, hot espresso, hot cappuccino, hot cafe au laits, and hot lattes are best hot (and they make you feel hot).

During the cold times, what’s better than warming up next to the fireplace?  How about nothing.

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Weekly Awards

The illustration with a smirk award goes to: “The King of Kong” illustrated by http://www.billferenc.com


My favorite look award goes to: “Nature vs. Library pt.2” from http://www.sexypeople-blog.com


Scary-ass photo award goes to: “Dos and Dont’s” from http://www.viceland.com


OMG there are two of you award goes to: “German Police Officers” from http://www.willisms.com.


The guilty pleasure award goes to : “New Couple Alert” from http://www.starmagazine.com for breaking the news on Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s new relationship.


The lay off the photoshop (but really what do you expect when you pose for the cover of Parade magazine) award goes to: Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon.


The tender as a kitten award goes to:  “How to Make a Quilted Love Letter” blog post by http://www.thesmallobject.com

Best quote to get you through the holidays if you start feeling overwhelmed and Grinchy goes to : Karl Lagerfeld from http://thefrancesandjudyshow.blogspot.com/.

“I hate children, charity is boring, I hate to be touched”
-k. lagerfeld


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Did you ever perform underwater operas with your friends when you were young? I loved doing that!  I also loved confessing secrets to my friends but only when we were completely submerged in the chlorinated public swimming pool.  It is amazing we haven’t suffered any lung damage as a result of breathing in that bleached out water.   Just the thought of it burns my eyelids.

There’s something about these dreamy underwater photos that reminds me of the winter hibernation.  I hope they help with those of you experiencing the winter blues (hot tea and bubble baths also help).

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