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Heart SF

Delicious wine and hilarious wine descriptions.  Where else is a wine described as “Saltier than Evelyn Waugh”!

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From our recent visit to Portland Oregon… 

Heart - http://heartroasters.com/cafe/

Grilled Cheese Grill Truck : http://www.grilledcheesegrill.com/

Loyly Sauna - http://www.loyly.net/

Dogs in School Art Exhibit - http://dogsinschool.com/

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I love these cuddling Valentine snails.  They remind me of my favorite onscreen kiss… L’amour d’escargots!

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This recipe is delicious, truly the best strawberry cupcakes I’ve ever tasted!

for the recipe go to –  http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/strawberry-shortcake-cupcakes

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Vintage Valentine

And the tuba bellows love

a proper steamy tea party

marching a little too close, eh?

rosy cheeks and dangerous rinks

my favorite of the bunch

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